The Many Hats of Hannah Becker – Gemstone Doodler Extraordinaire!

What do you get when you combine a glitter enthusiast, a gemologist, a jewelry designer and an artist?

Some of the many hats of Hannah Becker; graduate gemologist and gemstone doodler extraordinaire.

I caught Hannah in the act of her gemstone doodling while she was exhibiting at JCK Las Vegas. Gemstones everywhere. She was super sweet and down to earth.

Hannah of @diamondoodles instagram fame first popped onto my radar in my twitter feed. I saw adorable enameled gemstone pins sold by an awesome online shop/jeweler based in London called The Rockhound. 

I had to have one. I picked out an emerald pin and also scored the pin made in collaboration with JCK.

But, Diamondoodles is so much more than enameled pins.

Hannah creates unique, whimsical, and one of a kind gemstone laden doodles. It is one of the most amazing ways I have seen someone express their love for gemstones.

Each of Hannah’s doodles gets the bling treatment. She chooses gemstones to adorn the doodle and strategically “puts gem to paper”.

You can see loads of Hannah’s doodles on the diamondoodles instagram. I got to see some vegas poker chips in the works. Clever indeed!

Hannah Becker Diamondoodles

Imaged Courtesy @diamondoodles

Hannah Becker Diamondoodles

Diamondoodles caught in the act at JCK Las Vegas 2016

So Where Do Diamondoodles Doodles End Up?

The doodles get photographed for perpetuity but do not stay in tact. They also become parts of marketing material for different jewelers Hannah has worked with. Even window displays!

Here are some of my favorite doodles.

Hannah Becker Diamondoodles

Image courtesy @diamondoodles more love less hate

Hannah Becker Diamondoodles

Image Courtesy @diamondoodles chameleon

Hannah Becker Diamondoodles

Image Courtesy of @diamondoodles rough diamond world colab

What Other Hats Does Hannah Becker Wear?

Jewelry Designer of course! When the doodler isn’t doodling or scheming marketing plans with jewelers she designs custom jewelry.

Like I said earlier Hannah wears many hats and I have just scratched the surface. Checking out the diamondoodles instagram and website is a must! You can buy pins direct from the artist too.

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