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Tv, Film, and Books

If gemstones, rocks, minerals, and jewelry light up your life; let us take you on a journey of Earths most precious treasures from the ground to adornment.

This publication runs the gamut on topics related to techniques and tools used in rockhounding, mining, gemstones, rocks, minerals, and jewelrygem cutting, lapidary art, jewelry design, and jewelry making and the people and businesses that bring these industries to life.

Earth to Adornment is born from a passion of gem hunting, and jewelry design and fabrication.

Not all rockhounds make jewelry and not all jewelers are rockhounds but there is a shared passion for knowledge where both of these paths intersect.

By covering topics on mining, gem cutting, and jewelry making we hope to not only be a resource but to share the stories of the raw material and the many lives across industries that it touches. Get in touch here and let us know what you would like to see.